About Us

Howdy is a uniquely well-crafted early American building and an extremely rare example of modern era. We are indeed fortunate to have this modern inn illustration the excellent craftmanship of the settlement period.

We offer a journey through American`s culinary heritage in an Art Deco setting. Our Chefs draw from all their experiences from different parts of the World and infuse them into our dishes that intertwine the past with the present.


Our Lounge has developed an extensive selection of hand-crafted cocktails, infused puree and shrub, including twists on classics. Our bar acts as a focal point and invites guests to relax and marvel the bustling city.

HOWDY was inspired by the trend of outlaw, cowboys, live music and home style cook food like the state of California.

The flagship venue is spread over Three floors and is more than 1200 SQ meters. A world away from the glitz and glamor of Bahrain. The décor is completely unpretentious with a very Wild West outlaw California cool feel.

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